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Introducing our captivating collection of Balinese baskets, handwoven with utmost care from seagrass and adorned with delicate raffia details. These exquisite baskets embody the essence of tropical beauty, evoking the sun-soaked shores and serene coastal landscapes of Bali. The natural seagrass fibers lend a rustic and textured appeal, while the subtle raffia accents add a touch of elegance and sophistication. Each basket is a testament to the skilled craftsmanship of Balinese artisans, who masterfully intertwine these organic materials to create functional and visually stunning pieces. Whether used for storage or as decorative accents, these baskets bring a sense of nature-inspired tranquility and bohemian charm to any space. Embrace the unique allure of our Balinese baskets, as they invite the warmth and exoticism of Bali's coastal paradise into your home.

Material : Seagrass, Raffia

Dimensions : H34 x Diam.28cm

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Balinese craftsmanship

We work with artisans in Bali to create beautiful, handcrafted pieces. Each one is unique and made with love. We hope you will love them as much as we do.

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