From artisans hands to your home

Kayon Décor was founded by two passionate nomad friends, our company is dedicated to bringing you the finest handcrafted teak wood items from the heart of Indonesia. Journey with us as we unveil a world of unique, eco-friendly, and exquisite products that will enrich your home and embrace the beauty of Indonesian culture.

Our mission

Our mission at Kayon Décor is to foster sustainable relationships with local Indonesian artisans, whose skilful hands have been shaping teak wood for generations. We curate a diverse collection of furniture, home décor, and accessories that embody the spirit of Indonesian craftsmanship while celebrating the natural beauty and durability of teak wood.

Explore our lovingly curated selection of products, from one of a kind tables, chairs to enchanting handcrafted baskets, decorative bowls, and exquisite cutting boards. Each piece is carefully handpicked by our founders ensuring a genuine connection with the artisans and their creations.

As a company committed to sustainability and ethical sourcing, we take pride in our partnership with responsible Indonesian suppliers who share our vision for preserving the environment and supporting local communities. We believe in empowering these artisans and creating a positive impact through fair trade practices and eco-conscious business decisions..

At Kayon Décor, we invite you to discover the charm and sophistication of authentic Indonesian teak wood products. Our passion for quality and design shines through in every unique piece we bring to the shores of Cyprus. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we bridge cultures and elevate your living space with the timeless elegance of teak.

distance from local artisans
10.000 Km
away from your home
60-90 days
product variations